We are a FULL SERVICE custom butcher shop. If we don’t have something you desire, we can cut anything to your specifications.  Below is a list of things we regularly offer. HIGHLIGHTS  FOR THE WEEK of  MAY 2: THAI GREEN CURRY SAUSAGE, MERGUEZ, All cuts, DRY AGED STEAKS, PORK LOINS & ROASTS,  and many more items. You can also call to check what we have in stock if you are looking for something special.

Pork Products| Saint Adrian Meats & Sausages | Lebanon, IN

Bone-in, boneless, and butterflied chops

Bacon (regular, sweet, or peppered)

Pork Sausage:

  • Breakfast: bulk, links, or patties
  • Italian (sweet and spiced): bulk or linked
  • Smoked Polish
  • Andouille
  • Bratwurst
  • Chorizo

Specialty types and varieties (always something new!):

  • Bone-In / Boneless Loin Roasts

Chicken Products | Saint Adrian Meats & Sausages | Lebanon, IN

Chicken Breast

Chicken Tenders

Legs and Thighs


Chicken Sausages

  • Buffalo
  • Lemon pepper
  • Breakfast
  • Sun-dried tomato and feta
  • Plain ground

Beef Products | Saint Adrian Meats & Sausages | Lebanon, IN

Beef  steaks, ready to go, or cut to order            

Beef patties premade: plain, seasoned, and specialty

Ground beef bulk packaged

Beef Sausage

  • All-beef frankfurters
  • Bonnie Blue’s Texan Beef Sausage (chipotle garlic)
  • Specialty types and seasonal varieties (i.e. – Merguez)


Marinated, and Meals:

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Marinated pork

Grill Ready Kebobs